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    The most incredible place with 27 pavilions of different countries is unbelievably beautiful. Being in Dubai, you enjoy the cultures, tastes, goods, and many other things of 27 different countries. Global Village is an open-air place that is the best place to visit with family or friends. Spending time can be the best experience of one’s life. Because getting the same vibes can take you to tour 27 countries, a lot of money and time, but here you find all at the same place. Global Village Dubai was opened in 1997 for the first general public. 

    Duration of Global Village

    Global Village in Dubai opens in October. The management decorates it with eye-catching light. These lights double up the excitement of the visitors and enchant the viewers. The month of its closing is in April. But some years after its opening, due to weather changes, the conclusion of the Global Village was extended by one month. Now it closes in May of every year. During all the months when it is open, people get the same incredible vibes. 

    Suitable Time to Visit

    The Global Village has a fixed timing of opening, and closing like all other malls in Dubai have. But the best time to get into the Global Village is a little before evening. At the time when the sun is about to set, amazing lights provide the best view of it. These lights give Global Village an incredible look which makes people love it. 4 pm is a suitable time for visiting here. 

    Cost of Entrance

    Getting into Global Village Dubai requires you to buy tickets online, which costs AED 18, a pretty low price to enter the Global Village. Enjoying all the events there costs you just AED 18. Yet if you want to purchase anything, it will cost you its worth. The goods’ prices start from AED 20 and continue going up. 

    Final Thoughts

    Global Village Dubai is where you can enjoy the vibes of cultures from different corners of the world. Visiting here will be the best experience of your life. Also, it is much cheaper. Getting into the Global Village is worth it.

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